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Uniq-wall added to Uniqspace's product offering

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Over the last couple of years Uniqspace has positioned themselves as a leader in the space optimization industry distributing, installing and servicing a variety of operable and demountable wall products. Their latest acquisition, Uniq-wall, significantly expands their product line up affording clients more options than ever!

Consisting multiple product lines, AQUA, [soli]tude, Wave, Solo, and iwall, Uniq-wall's products have been designed to complement any application and performance requirements while creating uncompromising visually dynamic spaces.

Clients can choose from glass or solid wall materials and semi or fully automatic wall operation.

The AQUA moveable glass wall system slides smoothly along top-hung aluminum rails removing the need for a floor track.

Features include:

• Sound insulation ranges of 47 to 50 STC as standard on double-glazed walls 

• Double-glazed panels use 6 mm or 8 mm clear tempered safety glass 

• No floor track: panels are hung by use of single or twin point suspension  systems

• Electronic seal by key-switch or quick-set standard 

The [soli]tude moveable wall system is ideal for tighter spaces, allowing for ease of operation and multi-directional track and stacking systems for flexibility.

This is a movable wall system that can accommodate and customize virtually any spatial conditions.


Designed as a space-saving and dividing panel system, iwall allows you to neatly organize any space by way of a programmable, remote control outlet, requiring very little human interface. Semi-automatic bottom and top seals are electronically actuated and panels glide easily along a 2-point trolley system on a track made of anodized aluminum. This system allows for multiple track design without the need for floor tracks and remote parking in multiple layouts.  


  • iwall is an acoustically-rated wall system (42-54 STC): when seals are engaged, panels insulate against sound and temperature.

  • Seals are flexible, allowing for variations in floor and ceiling height and secure panels from movement.

  • Each panel is composed of a galvanized steel subframe and aluminum outer frame with a double-glazed or solid fascia option for durability and superior durability.

  • Doors are equipped with a pressure seal at the bottom, which extends automatically during the closing action of the door.

  • Double-glazed, 6 mm and 8 mm clear tempered is standard and also available in 6 mm low iron glass (optional) for better light transmission and clarity.

  • Many choices of finishes available including wood veneer, PLAM, PLAM full-height marker board, aluminum and melamine.

  • Fixed telescopic panel ensures complete system closure

To learn more about this exciting new product line-up, distributed by Uniqspace, visit


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