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An enhanced space optimization solution

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new portfolio of branded products exclusive to Uniqspace. uniq-wall features glass, solid and fully-automated panels providing you with unlimited possibilities and features.

Solid and glazed panels glide smoothly on rollers along a top-hung aluminum rail without the need of a floor track making it easy for users to maneuver. Multiple tracking and parking configuration options help optimize available space and any potential site constraints.

With a choice of a variety of finishes including wood veneer, aluminum, laminate, melamine or fabric, each of the following systems is designed with the infinite potential to maximize your space.

  • AQUA - movable glass wall system

  • [soli]tude - solid panel system

  • iwall - Intelligent panel system

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AQUA is a movable glass wall system that delivers maximum impact with its ability to transform any room into an extraordinary sensory experience. You can explore the harmonious interplay of translucence and function to achieve dynamic solutions.


The [soli]tude solid panel system was developed to optimize areas where space is at a premium. The system allows for ease of operation and multi-directional track and stacking systems for flexibility. This is a movable wall system that can accommodate and customize any spatial conditions.


With just a push of a button, the iwall fully-automated wall system drives itself! The iwall will drive itself to the open or close position, then will automatically seal for best acoustics.



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